Not again: the new Huawei with Kirin 9000 5G and Dimensity 1000LFOF is presented

Huawei with its Kirin 9000 5G gadget has become one of the most popular models in the Huawei line. The new model is equipped with a powerful processor and a large screen diagonal. All the presented features are fully realized with the help of the latest processors and graphics cards. The device received a front-end loader, which is quite unusual, because it is so common. The device received a dual camera, and a fingerprint scanner is built into the screen. The new model is one of the first smartphones with support for 5G networks. The battery is quite powerful, so the device has a long service life. Huawei with Kirin 9000 5G The new Huawei with Kirin 9000 5G is a unique smartphone, which entered the rating of the best smartphones of 2020. The novelty received a powerful processor, and the main chip is designed for the flagship Kirin 9000 5GRAM. The device received a large screen diagonal and a high refresh rate. the Processor. With the built-in screen refresh rate is 120 Hz, and the image on the screen is projected at 60 frames per second. The processor and RAM are designed for global support, and support for 5G networks. The battery capacity is 4700 mAh. The device received a fingerprint scanner, which is located on the back of the smartphone. The built-in camera has a resolution of 64/8/5/2 MP, and a front-facing camera with a resolution of 32 MP. The main camera is represented by a triple camera with a resolution of 64/8/5 MP. The battery capacity is 4200 mAh.